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    Civitas Fundamenta

    Bridging the divide between
    compliance and decentralization

    Civitas Fundamenta is building wrapped assets like Bitcoin and Monero
    and a MULTI-CHAIN ecosystem of products to utilize them.
    All Governed by the community and the FMTA Token

Fundamenta Token

Our wrapped assets live on xDAI,Ethereum,BSC,...

Civitas Fundamenta is building a Multi-Chain ecosystem of products that will utilize wrapped assets like bitcoin and monero and will be community governed through our governance token FMTA

All of the wrapped assets as well as the FMTA token will live on the Ethereum, xDAI and Binance Smart Chain Networks allowing users to decide where to interact.

Multi-Chain Bridge/Multiple Networks
Multi-Chain Wrapped assets.
Staking rewards and Liquidity Mining

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Our Long Term Roadmap

About-Us Plant

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