A little more about us...

Lets meet the team


Fiscally Conservative!

Jesse Poole

Jesse is an Insurance professional who appreciates the value of a dollar. As a consultant and Advisory board member he brings that expertise to Civitas Fundamenta.


Big Data and a Big...

Stephen Mejean

Stephen is a Data Junkie who loves to look at the numbers. As an Analytics Architect he can offer a unique persepctive on things others may not see. He Joins Civitas Fundamenta as an Advisory Board Member and Consultant.


DYOR or GTFO. PS don't eat the fish.

Tim Chun

Tim Is all about the research. He specializes in finding all those things that one needs to know. He is passionate about peer review and brings that passion to Civitas Fundamenta as a Advisory Board Member and Consultant.


Thunder from Down Under

Steve Medley

Affectionatly known as AngryWasp, Steve is a C#/C++ Developer who has diverse experience in software development. From games to blockchain hes been around. He now bring his knowledge to Civitas Fundamenta as an Advisory Board Member and Developer


Are you my Waifu?

Justin Garrett

Justin has 15 + years experience in software engineering and considers himself a polyglot regarding programming languages. With experience in all aspects of development from embedded to web, frontend/backend, cloud, and more he is like a swiss army knife. He is a Gamer and tech enthusiast who has a torrid love affair with Pizza. He now joins Civitas Fundamenta as an Advisory Board member and Developer.


Four feet under

Osman Kuzucu

Osman is a web and blockchain developer who loves to find and squash those bugs. To fix things though you have to break them first and this is what he excels at. Osman now brings that drive to Civitas Fundamenta as a Consultant.


The Old Fashioned

Max Reiter

Max has 20 years of experience in IT and Finance in various capacities from the bottom to the top of the totem pole. Don't let his picture fool you max is a seasoned veteran and now brings that to Civitas Fundamenta as a Advisory Board Memeber and Consultant.



Adam Jedovszky

Adam is a professional system designer and can often be seen obsessing over a bunch of ones and zeroes. If you see error messages or blinking red lights followed by an annoying beep…he is probably nearby. He will now help Obsess about ones and zeros at Civitas Fundamenta as a Consultant


Started from the bottom now we here...

Ethan Van Ballegooyen

Ethan started out working in the media industry but slowly transformed himself into a developer. Ethan has 4 years of experience working on Ethereum and its smart contract functionality and now lends both his Media and Ethereum expertise to Civitas Fundamenta as a Consultant and Developer.


The Diplomat

Matt Hooft

Matt is the the founder of Civitas Fundamenta and responsible for bringing this barrrel of monkeys together. He has extensive experience in Project Management and B2B Sales and is also a Developer. He wants to bring Civitas Fundamenta to life and hopes in turn he can help others achieve what they otherwise may not.